Monday, March 22, 2010

Verse of the Day

"Act with honesty" 2 Kings 12:15

Only In A Hotel....

Only In A Hotel....

you can use luggage carts as a jungle gym.

eat pizza as a midnight snack or early morning breakfast.

ride the elevators up and down as much as you want.
use the sink as a form of entertainment.

have a tea party with real glasses.

be a snake on the steps.

Car Seat Talent Show

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top 25 Camp ....Helpers

Leightyn helping Jordyn check jersey numbers.

Helping Jasa sell shirts

Helping Ms Kelly check players in

Thank you Ms Kelly, Jordyn, and Jasa for letting us help you. We had so much fun with you at the hotel. We can't wait to see our friends again!!!
Leightyn and Mylea

Beautiful Day in Springdale

The weather was beautiful yesterday in Springdale!!! The gym (where the basketball camp is located) is right next to Shiloh Christian and First Baptist Church. The church has a playground that the girls enjoyed last night. This was the first year they have gotten to play outside. It has always been cold or raining the weekend of the camp. It was so nice to have a place for them to play outside and away from the gym.

Sugar High

Friday afternoon we headed to Springdale to the yearly Top 25 basketball camp. Landen had to pick up the camp shirts before we headed to the hotel so I mentioned stopping by Rick's Bakery for some delicious cookies.....I was so happy when Landen said the shirt place was close to the bakery. I had never been in this bakery but have had some awesome cookies from there.

The girls and I ran in the bakery and were in awe of the many many many cakes, cookies, desserts, decorations and gifts in the bakery. We could have spent an hour just looking at the cakes on display, but had to hurry and get back to the car.

We quickly picked out some cookies to enjoy later. Mylea chose a tiger sugar cookie (my favorite cookie!!!) and Leightyn wanted a "pink flower cake". We also picked up some extras.

Mylea enjoyed every bite of her tiger cookie.....especially the icing (they have the best icing).

Leightyn ate the icing off her cake and then decided that the cookies were better (I agree with her).

I can't want to go back to the bakery! I am tempted to drive up the hill just for some cookies!!!

Girls Day Out

This past Tuesday we got to spend another day with Grandma Nancy at the mall. The girls were excited to go on another outing with her. After she finished getting her hearing-aids, we spent a few hours with her.
Leightyn and Mylea showed Grandma Nancy the fun rides.

The best part of the afternoon was riding in Grandma's lap all around the mall. Grandma carried the girls to lunch, to the candy store, to the rides, and all over the place.

While at the mall, Leightyn wanted to get her picture with the Easter Bunny. Mylea wasn't to sure about the bunny. Leightyn sat on his lap while Mylea sat on Grandma Nancy's lap. As soon as the picture was taken, Mylea was off of Grandma's lap and hiding behind Jo.

Leightyn was proud of herself for not being scared of the bunny. She said the was happy "cause when I was three I was scared of him".

Landen's Deacon Ordination

This past Sunday was a special day for Landen and our family. Landen was ordained as a deacon in our church. It was a very emotional and moving service for the family and church members.

Myla didn't make it through much of the service. It was naptime and she was give out!

It was very special having the other deacons pray over Landen.

Question time
Emotional testimony time

Check Spelling

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Special Outing With Grandma Nancy

Today we had a great day with Jo and Grandma Nancy. Grandma Nancy had to go to the mall to see her hearing aid man, so the girls and I got to spend some extra time with her away from the her "doctors" building. Leightyn and Mylea kept asking "when is sissy going to be here" and when she finally got there they were super excited!

The girls helped push Sissy where she needed to go.
Leightyn and Mylea each had their own ideas on the summer clothes Grandma Nancy needed.

Grandma Nancy got lots of entertainment while playing at the mall.

We got to have a late lunch.
It was a super-duper (wild and crazy) day!!!!