Monday, February 21, 2011

Loving This Weather

Happy Birthday Robert

Robert is one of the "big" kids at church who always loves to play with Mylea Jo. She was so excited to get an invitation to Robert's birthday party. After church Sunday we heading to bowling world to celebrate and have fun. Mylea had a ball bowling with her friends and loved eating cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Robert!

We are very thankful that God has put many "big" kids in Mylea's life at church who love her and love to play with her!!

Daddy Time

Tickle Wars
Airplane Time

Break Time

Making Snow Angels

The Grand Finale Trick

Dressing Up

Daddy Daughter Time

Teacher Mylea

Teacher Mylea reading to her class.

You have to remember to "show the pictures just like Ms. Robyn does".

Ms. Mylea and her class

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Incredible Pizza

Before heading home from Tulsa, we stopped by Incredible Pizza for some food and games. We waited to go on Monday morning so that we would avoid the crowd. Well, we avoided the crowd...we were the only ones there. It was great! We played some games, rode go-carts, went minindature bowling, ate lunch, played some more games, ate dessert, played some more games, and then cashed in our 997 tickets.

Putt-putt was interesting. Mylea had fun (and hard time) keeping up with her ball.

Miniture bowling was fun. Mylea loved the small ball and pins.

On to the go-cart race, Mylea and I raced Jo around the track. We won the race and Mylea got a 1st place ribbon. She was so excited to beat Jo. When we finished racing, Jo let us in on a secret. She was having to use her brake to keep from passing us. We had our gas pedal all the way down, and we were barely moving. Apparently, Mylea and I got the slow car.

Mylea played lots of games. With the help of me and Jo (and the workers who were giving out handfuls of free tickets), Mylea had plenty of tickets to cash in.
We had a great time in Tulsa and can't wait to go back soon!