Monday, June 22, 2009


For the past few months, our children's choir has been working on the musical "Arkeology". This is the story of Noah's Ark told by the animals. Leightyn was super excited about being a turtle with all her friends at church. We have listened to the cd in the car every day since January (we still listen to it even though we have already had our performance). She knows every song and every line in the play. During the play, Leightyn was on stage saying the lines with the speaker and singing the songs with the soloists. I think she just might be a drama queen!

Some of the Arkeology group

Singing Sunday morning

Getting a green face

The bird, the turtle, and Noah

All the crazy animals

The following video is Leightyn singing her solo Sunday morning. If you can not get the video to play, go to my blog site to watch it.

Children's Church Camp

Dinner Time

Suprise Birthday Balloon Wishes From Our Cabin For Bro. Mike

Craft Time

Class Work

Filling Out Her Prayer Journal

Our church holds their own children's camp every summer at Devil's Den. This year, Leightyn got to tag along with me. We left Monday morning and returned Thursday early afternoon. Leightyn had a ball...along with the other 22 kids. We had a church service in the mornings, then classes, crafts, lunch, free time, supper, church service, and then a nightly devotion in our cabin. During free time, Leightyn went swimming, played in the river, went paddle boating, and on a hike (down a shortcut trail to the cabin, but she doesn't know any better). Each night, she picked a different girl in our cabin (we had 12 girls) to sleep with. On the last day, Lei Lei was not to happy about coming home. She is ready to go back and camp with her friends.

T-Ball Trophy Day

Saturday was a hot hot t-ball game. We had the 9:00 game, but man, it was hot! The team did really good this game. Leightyn seemed to be in to it. She got in position, waited for the ball, ran to the ball, and then threw it to first base. She also did a good job hitting. However, when it came time to run to base, she had more fun walking really slow kicking dirt. After the game, the team got their trophies. Leightyn was excited about her trophy. She thinks it means that she did good only during Saturday's game since that was the only game she got a trophy. This season is almost over and we can move on to the next sport. Maybe we will get back in to gymnastics!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Polished Up

A Day In My Life

The following events sum up my last Thursday.

* (12:00) Mylea, Macy, and I go to pick up Leightyn at VBS. Here is our conversation in the car.

Me: Are you ready for some lunch?
Lei: I want McDonalds.
Me: No....we have been there this week.
Lei: But....
Me: We are going to meet Jo at Friday's for lunch.
Lei: HUH!!!!!
Me: Jo called and we are going to eat lunch with her at Friday's.

A quiet pause for a few seconds

Lei: Mom, I'm hungry.
Me: We are going to Friday's to meet Jo
Lei: I want to eat right now.
Me: We are going to Friday's
Lei: But mom.....
Me: What?
Lei: Mom, you said that we are eating at Friday's and I want to eat today. I can't wait till
Friday to eat. Can we please go eat.
Me: (laughing)
Lei: Mom, if you don't want McDonald don't lie....just tell me. I can't wait till Friday to eat.

*(12:15) in the Friday's parking lot
Leightyn ask for some lotion. I give her some and she begins to put it on her face (a lot on her
face, as in cake all over her face).

Lei: Mom, do I look like a loser?
Me: What?
Lei: Do I look like a loser?
Me: What are you talking about?
Lei: Mom, look at my face.....only a loser would use this much lotion.

(5:00) I am trying to get the girls ready so I can go to Bible Study. Mylea is in the beginning stages of potty training. She says "poop" so I tell her to "go sit on the potty". She pulls her panties off and goes to the bathroom. At the same time, I am fixing Leigtyn's hair in the other bathroom. Mylea comes running in saying "eeewwwww poop". I'm thinking ok, she might have gone. I turn around and she hands me a plate from her kitchen. On the plate is her poop. What can I say, at least she didn't go in her diaper.

(5:30) I ran to Wal-Mart to get a few things. Mylea was in the cart and Leightyn was walking next to me. I grab some shampoo, toothpaste, and then go to find some poster board. While looking at the different colors of poster board, Mylea goes "uh-oh". I look up and she has opened the shampoo with her teeth and pour it all over her arms and legs (thinking that it was lotion). I take off to find some wipes. As I begin to clean her up, she has so much shampoo on her that the wipes cause it to suds up. After half a box of wipes, she is finally cleaned up enough to check out and get on our way.

Welcome to a day in my life. Anyone want to switch places for a day? I promise that it would be a very entertaining experience.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gentry Safari

Thursday, my mom and I, took Leightyn, Mylea, and Macy to the Gentry Safari. Leightyn remembered going last year, so she was super excited about going again. This was Mylea and Macy's first trip to really enjoy the animals. We drove through the safari before going to the petting zoo. There were all kinds of animals to see and feed: emu, llama, monkeys, buffalo, zebra, bears, lions, tigers, hippos, rhinos, camels, and many more. There was one emu that followed us through most of the drive waiting for food and pecking the window wanting more food. He became our "friend". At one point, while feeding the zebras, we had four zebras sticking their heads in all four of the windows waiting for food. Mylea, the bottomless pit, enjoyed the peanuts, bread, and apples more than the animals.

At the petting zoo, we got to play with kangaroos, goat, pigs, monkeys (wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle), a baby lion, snakes, raccoons, bunnies, camels, and others. The cutest animals were the 2 week old and the 4 week old monkeys.

We had a great time at the safari and are ready to go back to see our "friend", the zebras, and the baby monkeys.

Sleepy Sisters

For months, Leightyn has been begging for Mylea to sleep in her room. When when put Mylea in a toddler bed, Leightyn wanted the bed to go in her room right next to each other. I never moved them in together because I didn't want to deal with Mylea being in a new bed and them sleeping together all at the same time. Last night, we finally let them sleep together. I put Leightyn's mattress next to Mylea's bed. Around 7:30, they started getting ready for bed, but did not fall asleep until 9:30ish. We could hear them laughing, singing, and having a great time together.

Today, Leightyn asked if it was time for Mylea to move in to her room.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Free Root Beer Floats From Sonic

Wednesday night after church we went straight to Sonic for some free floats. Apparently, everyone else in town had the same idea. The line was crazy. The cars were stopped in the street waiting to turn. We decided that we didn't need one that bad, so we headed to the other Sonic. The Sonic on Rogers was not very busy. We pulled right in and there was people waiting to hand them out. Leightyn and Mylea loved them. When we got home it was time for bed, so the floats went in their night time cups. I hope that I got some "cool mom" points tonight for letting them go to bed drinking ice cream!!!

Swimming In The Rain

5th Sinday Singing

Sunday night we had a fifth Sunday Singing during church. I asked Leightyn if she wanted to sing and she said "can I use a microphone". Sunday afternoon, we kept having her practice and asked her what she decided to sing. These are the songs she picked "Jesus Loves Me, The Bible, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and Twinkle Twinkle. When we got to church, she was still saying that she was going to sing all of those songs. When it came her time, she ran up on stage and got her microphone. Her first song was "Happy Birthday" (not sure who she was singing that for) and then she sang Jesus Loves Me. She messed up in the middle so she started the song again. Other than looking terrified at first, she did a great job. She is already asking when she can use the microphone again.

Naturals Game

Last Friday, we headed to watch the Naturals play in Springdale. The ballpark was hosting Faith and Family night so we went to the game with a huge group from church. We had never been to the ballpark before, so we weren't sure what to expect. However, the park was more than I could have ever imagined. There is a playground in the park, sand pits, a baseball/kickball field, and bounce arounds. Leightyn had a blast. We listened to a concert and play on the playground before the game started.

During the first inning, the bounce arounds were being blown up. I really expected to only let Leightyn play on them once or twice (I didn't think it would be cheap). Instead we spent almost the entire night on them (from the 2nd to the 8th inning). For $5, Leightyn got to play on the bounce around, the pitching cage, and the obstacle course. I really didn't think she could or would want to climb up the wall to the slide, but as you can tell from the pictures and the videos, it was not a problem).

Leightyn enjoyed "watching" (running back and forth to her friends) a few minutes of the game.

The Gentry Safari was one of the sponsors for the game. They brought in several of their animals to pet and play with. Leightyn's favorites were the baby lion, the yak, and "Khloe" the monkey with a bottle and a diaper.

When the game was over, we enjoyed a great 20 minute firework show. Leightyn had so much fun. She was so tired we went finally got to the car. She was asleep before we made it out of the parking lot.