Monday, June 22, 2009


For the past few months, our children's choir has been working on the musical "Arkeology". This is the story of Noah's Ark told by the animals. Leightyn was super excited about being a turtle with all her friends at church. We have listened to the cd in the car every day since January (we still listen to it even though we have already had our performance). She knows every song and every line in the play. During the play, Leightyn was on stage saying the lines with the speaker and singing the songs with the soloists. I think she just might be a drama queen!

Some of the Arkeology group

Singing Sunday morning

Getting a green face

The bird, the turtle, and Noah

All the crazy animals

The following video is Leightyn singing her solo Sunday morning. If you can not get the video to play, go to my blog site to watch it.

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