Friday, June 5, 2009

Gentry Safari

Thursday, my mom and I, took Leightyn, Mylea, and Macy to the Gentry Safari. Leightyn remembered going last year, so she was super excited about going again. This was Mylea and Macy's first trip to really enjoy the animals. We drove through the safari before going to the petting zoo. There were all kinds of animals to see and feed: emu, llama, monkeys, buffalo, zebra, bears, lions, tigers, hippos, rhinos, camels, and many more. There was one emu that followed us through most of the drive waiting for food and pecking the window wanting more food. He became our "friend". At one point, while feeding the zebras, we had four zebras sticking their heads in all four of the windows waiting for food. Mylea, the bottomless pit, enjoyed the peanuts, bread, and apples more than the animals.

At the petting zoo, we got to play with kangaroos, goat, pigs, monkeys (wearing diapers and drinking from a bottle), a baby lion, snakes, raccoons, bunnies, camels, and others. The cutest animals were the 2 week old and the 4 week old monkeys.

We had a great time at the safari and are ready to go back to see our "friend", the zebras, and the baby monkeys.

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