Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day 26

Mylea woke up this morning very excited to see what Christmas activity was planned for tonight. She couldn't wait to open the envelope on her countdown board.

Mylea asked about the angel tree kids. I explained that they wouldn't be getting presents this year unless we helped them. She asked about Santa bringing them toys. I tried to explain that some of the kids didn't haven't mommies or daddies to get them toys. The thought was hard for her to understand and we had lots of questions.
As soon as daddy got off work we headed to the mall. Mylea was excited to see the tree.
We walked around looking for the perfect angels. Mylea wanted two girls that were 4 and 6. The angels would be the same age as My and Leightyn.
We found exactly what Mylea wanted.
With her angels in hand, Mylea was ready to go toy shopping.
She still had lots of questions about our angels. She wanted to know why we couldn't go see them and take them the toys.
Time to shop....
What about this?
This would be great!
After we got each child a couple of toys, we headed back to the mall to pick out some clothes before turning the gifts back in to the Salvation Army.

Even though it was a long, late night, Mylea said she had fun shopping for the kids. She really hopes they like the toys she picked out. I don't know how much she understood about why we bought toys. She had a hard time with not being able to pick out a toy for herself. I hope we continue this tradition every year!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Countdown To Christmas Day 27

Tonight was our first family activity for the Countdown to Christmas. When I showed Mylea the countdown board, she just sat and looked at it. She later told me that this was going to be "great". She looked in several different envelopes while opening up today's envelope. Extra tape quickly solved the peeking problem.
Tonight's activate was warm, cozy jammies, some popcorn, and a movie. Perfect activity for a Monday night!
Mylea, "Ed" and Stictch enjoying the movie. (Look close and you will see Stitch sitting near Mylea)
One spoiled turtle!!!!
Movie time

Countdown to Christmas

This Christmas is going to be different for us. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is over and we have not a single Christmas tree or decoration out in our house. We usually have the tree up before Thanksgiving and all other decorations out a few days after Thanksgiving. Currently all our decorations are sitting in boxes in our garage. We were hoping to be moving this week but with the rain and holidays, we are a week behind. Hopefully we will be moving in the next week or week and a half. Since we will be packing and unpacking in December, I don't know how many trees and decorations are going to make it out of the boxes this year. I'm not sure how crazy December is going to be, so I decided to make a Christmas Countdown for Mylea. Every morning, she opens the correct envelope to find a Christmas activity for us to do when daddy gets home from work. Maybe this will put us in the Christmas spirit and make up for lack of decorations!

He's Back.......

Buddy our magical elf from Santa arrived this past weekend. Mylea was so excited to see him. She loves to wake up every morning and search for Buddy's hiding spot. I keep hearing about other elves that are being mischievous and pulling pranks at their houses. I wonder if Buddy will be a jokester this year????

Such A Good Daddy

Getting Ready for Christmas

On the way home from Thanksgiving, we stopped by for a visit with Leightyn. Over the last few weeks, Mylea has picked out several different decorations to take to the cemetery. We removed the scarecrow sisters and added Christmas decorations.

Mylea picked out some big candy canes and some small glitter ornament balls to put at the bottom of the candy canes.
I LOVE the flowers that Mylea picked out. I wasn't sure about the green puffy balls but I must say that I couldn't have picked out anything better!
These are some extra special decorations. Mylea wanted a balloon for Leightyn. When she saw this "Happy Birthday" balloon, she said that it was the perfect one. She wanted the purple ball flowers since purple is her favorite color at the moment.
Adding ornament balls (really playing in the dirt and styrofoam).
I think it looks great! Leightyn would love it!
Wonder what she's thinking....
Mylea Jo...you did awesome picking out the decorations!
Not ready to leave. She wanted to sit and stay a while.
Fun in the leaves before heading home.
Watch out daddy!!!

Happy Thanksgiving

From The Deer Woods Crew

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Decorating FUN

I'm not sure how I missed these pictures. I didn't realize I hadn't posted these until I had cleared off my memory card.

After Halloween, My and I were at Wal-Mart digging through the clearanced out costumes when she found a haunted house decorating kit. Mylea has no idea what a haunted house is. All she knew was it was a gingerbread house that had lots of candy to eat. She wanted to buy it for her and daddy to do. This was a perfect project for them while I took a nice long hot bath! Daddy and Mylea both enjoyed decorating and snacking while working away.
Decorating requires some serious concentration.
Busted!!!! Icing and candy went missing from the house!
Guilty face!
The finished project. Looks pretty good to me!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat

We started at the end of a street and made our way to several houses.

Mylea wanted to bring this dog along with us.
We made a stop at Ms. Cathy and Mr. Rick's house. Elliott had fun handing out candy to Mylea and Ryan.
After going door to door, Mylea and Ryan decided to sit outside with a basket of candy to hand out. I think they had more fun doing this than actually walking the streets.

Thanks Ryan for spending Halloween with Mylea!!!!

Love This Picture

Raggedy Ann, Ms. Bette, and "Bette's Daddy" Mr. Orville