Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Leightyn's First Trophy

So today was the last day of gymnastics summer sessions. At the end of the hour, the teachers gave out trophies to all of the kids for doing great this session. Leightyn was so excited to see her trophy. I didn't tell her that the inscription was dated from a competition back in 2005. She told me that it said "Leightyn Nan Holmes did a great job in gymnastics and Miss Sara is proud of her. Oh well, guess I will explain it to her when she learns to read.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back in Action

So....I got my camera back (Thanks Charlene!). I need to clear my memory card for VBS so here are a few pictures from last week.

Yesterday I came home to see Lei finally had enough hair for some pigtails. I never knew Landen had such a talent for fixing hair.

Too sweet.....need I say more?

Leightyn and Grandma Nancy at Chuck E Cheese

Leightyn, Vivianne, and Grannie Holmes

Jackson, Kearstyn, LeiLei, MyMy, and Vivi

Jackson, Kearstyn, Lei Lei, and MyMy

Just the girls

Lei liked her sparkler for about 30 seconds them it ended up on the ground.

Mylea crashed as soon as the fireworks ended.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uh-Oh camera got left at Grannie's last weekend. I had lots of photos to add but I guess that will have to wait. We have been busy this week. Leightyn finished up swimming lessons today. She keeps asking why she can't go back. She has gone from a fish that only likes to play on the steps to a fish that loves to jump in and swim. She does good at kicking her legs and doing her arms, she just doesn't seem to go very far. Oh least she loves being in the water. Mylea had gone from taking a few steps to being all over the place. She loves to follow Leightyn around. Yesterday at gymnastics, we played in the Outback before class. Mylea thought she was a big girl and took off to play with the kids. She was grinning from ear to ear while playing.
We have Bible School next week, so we are going to be busy this weekend painting and decorating my room. Leightyn is excited to go to Grandad and Jo's while we work. She said that she has to show Grandad her swimming trick. Landen and I are going to an Amish Farm Saturday night for supper with a group from church....that should be interesting. Well, we I get my camera, I will add pictures of Mylea walking and our fireworks fun.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy Busy Weekend

So we headed to Hot Springs to celebrate the 4th of July, Leightyn's 3rd birthday, and Landen's 29th birthday. We went to the fairgrounds Thursday to watch fireworks. Leightyn talked about the colors and how cool they were. Mylea jumped and smiled as they popped.
Leightyn, Landen, Mylea, and Linden
Friday we went to Magic Springs to ride rides and play in the water park. Leightyn wanted to ride everything and had a blast in the kiddie pool. Mylea was a little fish in the pool. She just wanted me to let go of her so she could play.

Leightyn and Daddy at Magic Springs

Friday night we went to Osaka's and had some great food. Leightyn calls it "The Fire Place". Mylea wasn't sure about the cook making a big fire in front of her. After eating, we all went to play putt putt. This was Leightyn's first time to play and she had a blast. She played each hole at least 3 times. She got so excited when the ball made it in the hole. Mylea crawled around having fun putting the balls in the hole.

Saturday was Leightyn's 3rd birthday. I can't believe she is already 3. Where did my baby go?

Sunday was Landen's birthday. Leightyn got to give him birthday spankings with a big wooden paddle.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hidden Presents

Landen and I decided to wait and give Lei her presents on her birthday instead of at the party. Well, Saturday night after every one had left, I found Leightyn in our closet with her scissors opening her presents. Guess she is like her momma (I could always find the hidden presents).

"See Daddy I can ride it. You put one foot here and the other foot on the floor"

Lei showing PaPaw how she can hit the ball. Mylea only got hit once. Diva was ready to catch the balls.

Had to Share

I just had to share this picture of all the kids back at our house.

Leightyn's Party

Here are just a few pictures of the party. Leightyn had a blast and is already talking about her next birthday. I will add more pictures later. It was good to see everyone. Maybe next time we have water slides there won't have a rain delay (atleast we had a pool).
Mylea's party will be August 23

Sweet Music

Leightyn, Daddy, and Mylea showing off their musical talents using kitchen utensils and the ipod. Leightyn and Mylea were jamming to some songs before getting ready for her party.