Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All Aboard

Last Thursday it was HOT! The temperature was near 100 (if not over). So, what did we do in the heat? We went to Creekmore to ride the train.....
Not the smartest day to ride but we were headed that direction so why not...
Landen met us during lunch so he could help with the little ones. 

After the train ride, we loaded up and headed across the street to play at the library. My group loves the library. They would play there everyday if our schedule would allow.

Little Tornado just couldn't decide what she wanted to many decisions. 
 The big kids were excited to see some computers open.
 Not sure if she wants to play or nap.
 This was the neatest book....I need to buy Landry one
 And now to finish coloring someone's picture

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