Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Weeks With Mylea Jo

Since I haven't blogged in over two weeks, I have a lot to catch up on. What better thing to do while we watch election numbers come in.

Mylea loves school! She plays it on her day off. She pretends to be Mrs. Ashley. Her stuffed animals are named after other kids in her class.
 On the way to school last week, the girls and I went and voted early. Mylea was excited to vote for me. She proudly wore her stickers to school and told everyone that she pushed the buttons for me.
 A yummy dessert that Mylea was only interested in eating the cherry on top.
 The Christmas catalogue has arrived and Mylea has begun making her list.
 My shiny rockstar ready for church.
 Singing during the Sunday evening service.
 Getting started on some Christmas projects.
 Party Time!
 Taking flowers to Mrs. Ashley
 We have started a thankful tree at our house. These were Mylea's "blessings" one day. The red leaves say Jesus dying on the cross". On the yellow leaves, Mylea wrote "God beating up Satan".
 While pulling out Christmas decorations, she decided to turn an area in the kitchen 
into a new bedroom.

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