Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Kearstyn!!

We heading to Clarksville this afternoon to celebrate Kearstyn's birthday. The party was at the bowling alley. This bowling alley is where I took bowling with Landen while in college (who even knew that bowling counted as a credit?!?!?!.... and was the same place that I became intramural bowling champs with BJ and Josh). Anyways, so we went bowling, ate pizza and cake. Leightyn got caught several times sticking her fingers in the side of the cake icing. Mylea just wasn't happy unless she was in to something or trying to get out on the bowling floor.

Mike helping Leightyn bowl

Kearstyn blowing out her candles

Mylea and PaPaw

Pinata Time

Mylea cheering as the candy fell


Mylea, Charlene, and Leightyn

Mylea was STARVING!!!

Look at me throw a fit

It's heavy momma!

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