Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandma Nancy!!

We celebrated Grandma Nancy's 92nd birthday Sunday at Mom and Dad's house. Family members came over for hamburgers and hot dogs. Leightyn was excited to go to another birthday party, but didn't understand why there were no balloons and candles. Grandma Jo has told Leightyn that they will go one day soon and pick out some balloons and a cake with candles for Grandma Nancy. Happy Birthday Grandma! You have taught me many things and I have many menories with you and love seeing my girls bond with you.

Grandma Nancy, Leightyn, and Grandma Jo

Mylea, Grandma Nancy, and Leightyn

Mylea and Leightyn playing in the ice chest.

Mylea pretending to drink

Happy Birthday Grandma Nancy!!

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