Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Fun

We carved pumpkins Monday night with Bethany, Curtis, Macy, and my mom and dad. Leightyn wanted a Minnie Mouse pumpkin and a Buzz Light Year pumpkin. When my dad saw the patterns we were using to make the characters, he gave us a hard time about not making a plain old jack o lantern. Leightyn wasn't sure about the gooey stuff inside the pumpkin. She enjoyed sitting and watching us carve the pumpkins while she ate candy.

Leightyn put her hand in the pumpkin two times and decided that she didn't like the icky stuff.

Posing with her buddy.

Mylea and Macy really didn't care about carving pumpkins.

Bethany worked hard tracing the Buzz Lightyear for our pumpkin. At one point, she agreed with my dad that a regular pumpkin face would be much easier.

Landen worked hard on his Minnie Mouse pumpkin. When asked how it was going, he replied with "S U C K S...maybe it will be finished for next year".

Mylea and Grandma Jo sharing some candy corn.

Macy and her daddy

This is our Buzz pattern. After we traced the pattern, Bethany and I secretly decided that it was going to be crazy to do this and turned our pumpkin into this.......

Landen didn't think it was very funny when he saw our old plain Jack O Lantern pumpkin. Every one else got a huge kick out of our suprise.

I must admit that Landen's Minnie Mouse pumpkin looked great!

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