Friday, December 11, 2009

What's That Smell????????'s been a "stinky" (and I do mean stinky) week at our house. It's been an adventure...

Thursday evening- As I put Leightyn in bed, I notice that she has a slight odor about her. I make a comment about how she stinks and Leightyn begins to laugh. I ask her what's funny and she says that she tooted really loud. I put her to bed not thinking anything else about it.

Friday morning-Leightyn's face has been chapped so we had been putting some strong lotion on it throughout the day. Leightyn still has a smell and I assumed it was the lotion. We meet my mom at McDonalds (before I headed to OKC) and my mom noticed that Leightyn has a stinch about her. That night, I called Landen to check on the girls and he makes a comment about Leightyn stinkin. Leightyn tells us that it hurts to go to the bathroom so we assume she has a yeast infection and the smell is part of the infection.

Leightyn spends Friday night and Saturday in a t-shirt so the lotion will heal her and so she can dry out. When I come home Saturday night, our house is starting to smell like her. The girls' bedroom has an awful smell.

Sunday-Leightyn STILL stinks and we still think it is a yeast infection. We head to church for the day. At this point, her face really smells. We were told it was the yeast smell coming out of her eyes and nose. (???????)

Monday- I take Leightyn to the doctor to see what the smell is. She gives a urine sample to be tested for infection. The nurses call later and said that the test are negative. So, the question still remains, WHAT IS THAT SMELL??????? Later that night, Leightyn tells us that she stuck an M&M in her nose LAST WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! We call around and decide to take her back to the doctor Tuesday morning.

Tuesday-Leightyn goes to the doctor to have the M&M removed. I really thought this would be a traumatic experience for her so I had Landen take her. Leightyn calls me when it is over and tells me that she can breath better and that the doctor used "things that looked like scissors" to pull it out. She acted like the whole procedure was no big deal. Come to find out that it wasn't a M&M but instead it was a piece of foam.

Where did the foam come from? Who knows, that is still a mystery. However, the smell is GONE!!!!!

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Raina's Retreat said...

The smell came from the thing in her nose? Oh my, poor girl.