Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dallas Day 2

Friday was full of plans and the girls were up early ready to go. Landry woke up asking to go back to the "zoo" (Rain Forrest). At any time during this trip if you were to ask Landry what she wanted to do, her answer was always "go back to the zoo". 
 After breakfast, we headed back to the outlet mall to finish up. We had a few stores to check out before having fun.
 During a wrong turn in road construction, I noticed a building named  KiD MaNiA and so we decided to go check it out. The girls loved it. We ended stayed for a couple of hours. This was the ultimate indoor playground.

 We decided to let the girls get a quick nap in before heading out for a late supper. Naps ended up becoming a circus show. Mylea was the ringleader and presented us with her jumping friends. 

 Around 9:30 we headed to eat. Good thing the girls took a good long nap!

My in "her own apartment" also known as the hotel living room.

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