Monday, February 18, 2013

Special Delivery

Last Tuesday, Daddy made a special delivery for the girls. Mylea was excited to answer the front door  and find daddy standing outside with balloons. Every year for Valentines, daddy brings his girls home a singing balloon. This is something they always look forward. Mylea has been reminding us about the balloon since she saw them in the stores a few weeks ago.

 Landry didn't know what was going on but she loves balloons and loves to dance so she was excited!
 Daddy also gave Mylea a little wrapped up present. She eagerly opened it wanting to find out what treasure would be inside. 
 Daddy had found her a beautiful heart necklace with matching earrings. She was in awe. I didn't get a picture in time showing her reaction, but she just gasped when she saw the necklace. 

After daddy put the necklace on Mylea, she just kept staring at it and went on and on about how beautiful and special it was. 
 So thankful for this daddy and his love for the girls!

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