Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Date That Will Never Be Forgotten

Last Saturday, Landen took Mylea on a very special date. Friday, he saw in the paper where Southside was doing a performance of PeterPan. Quickly, he planned a night that Mylea will always remember!
 This date included getting dressed up and even wearing make-up!
 Playing together before her date arrived.
 One last look in the mirror.
 Landry discovered she could sit on Mylea's dress and be pulled around. 
 Ding Dong! Mylea's date arrived looking quite handsome and with a bouquet of beautiful flowers!
 Always a gentleman......setting the dating standard pretty high
 Love these pictures.....Mylea looks so grown up.
 And away they go...
 After a nice dinner at Olive Garden, they headed to Goody's for some ice cream. Landen sent me these pictures and said that Mylea thought this was "the best date EVER!!". She was hoping her surprise date would be to get a dog or a bunny but I think she had so much fun that the new pets didn't matter anymore. 
 On to Southside High School to watch PeterPan. 
They returned home late and Mylea said it was a fun night. As I put her in bed, she asked if there would be more special dates with just her and daddy.

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