Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just A Boring Errand

Yesterday afternoon, Landen and I loaded up took Mylea to run a special errand with us. Mylea wasn't very happy or excited about having to run an errand. She kept going on about how boring most errands are and let us know that she would have much rather been back with the little ones. Little did she know how cool of an errand we were running. We pull in to the cycle parking lot and My instantly sees a red go-cart and wants to know why we are there. While Landen took care of things inside, Mylea played on the go-cart. When Landen came out, Mylea found out that this was her new go-cart. Excitement and shock could be seen on her sweet face. 

We got the cart loaded up and Mylea didn't want to get out. On the ride home, we went over the rules and being responsible with her new "buggy".
When we got back to the house, Mylea drove Landen around before letting Landry hop in. I'm not sure if Landry or Mylea had the best time. Landry squealed and smiled the entire time. 

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