Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tulsa Happenings #2

While in Tulsa, the girls got to spend some time doing things with Grandad. We all went to breakfast together before heading back to the mall.

Leightyn and Mylea both enjoyed some creamer with their breakfast.

At the mall, Grandad decided to take the girls shopping ON HIS OWN while mom and I checked out some stores. I knew this would be an interesting experience for Grandad!

Leightyn found some new teeth!

The girls had their first "Build A Bear" experience.

Mylea chose to make a dog while Leightyn chose a bunny rabbit.

Once the animals were "stuffed", the girls had to give them a "bath".

All of this time with Grandad made one little girl very sleepy by lunch time!
It was a great morning in Tulsa!!!

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