Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Branson Trip: Saturday

Saturday morning we headed out bright and early for some breakfast. It rained most of the night so there were plenty of puddles to jump in!
 As soon as we walked in the building, the boys were quickly drawn to the claw machine. It was up to Uncle Lloyd to win a huge ball.
 Mylea watched and waited very quietly.
 And jumped for joy when a ball was picked up.
 After breakfast, we went and raced go-carts. We went back to the same track from a few weeks ago. It was just as much fun this time! Our next stop was the Bass Pro Shop down at Branson Landing. After checking out the animals, we walked around the Landing for a bit. Landry checked out the ducks while we waited for everyone.
 One of the store was set-up as a Lego play area. My got to build a castle, race a car, and 
pose with a surfer.

 Uncle Lloyd took Landry down to the fountains but she wasn't pleased with getting wet.

 We stopped by a diner for a quick lunch before heading to see "Joseph".
 Mylea enjoyed twirling and dancing on the stage while the entertainer worked the crowd.

 Little One just sat back and enjoyed the music.
After lunch, several of us went to see "Joseph" at Sight and Sound Theater. All I can say is that it's a great show. Mylea loved it. She keeps asking to go back again.

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