Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Branson: Sunday

Sunday morning we packed up and headed out for some fun before driving home. 
We found a soap monster in our bathtub.
 Landry decided that PaPaws hat was better than her toys.
 Some people enjoyed rides on the luggage cart.
 We played a game of putt-putt first thing Sunday morning. 
 Mylea had about 6 hole in ones....according to her. Does it count if the ball is two 
inches from the hole?
 Sitting in the shade pondering her next move.
 All smiles
 Uh-Oh! Charlene lost her ball in the water!
 The "winner" of our game.
 We ate lunch at "the roll throwing restaurant". It wasn't a Lamberts but Mylea had fun.
 After lunch, we said our good-byes and everyone headed their own ways. Mylea had some money to spend so we headed to Tanger Outlet for the Disney Store. After searching for the perfect toy in her price range, we spent the rest of the day window shopping.

 Mylea and Uncle Lloyd taking a break from shopping.

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