Thursday, September 6, 2012

Celebrating The Big 5

Yesterday my baby girl turned 5! Where has the past five years gone?

Landen and I woke Mylea up early to do presents and breakfast before he had to head to work. Mylea was so excited to "finally be 5". We opened presents before the birthday breakfast.
 The Birthday Girl

 Little One enjoyed pulling pinata strings before it was time.

 My was so excited about finally getting a skateboard.
 Time For The Pinata Goodies

 Good Thing We Can Reuse These "Wonderful" Goodies In Awanas
 "The greatest gift" was a Brave bow and arrow.
 Off to save someone with her skateboard and bow.

 Even Landry enjoyed the new toys
Mylea wanted to go eat breakfast at The Waffle House. As we headed that way, she changed her mind to Chick Fil A. She wasn't to happy when she noticed there weren't any other kids in the play place....maybe because it was 7:45 in the morning!

We came back to the house and enjoyed a day with new toys!

Happy Birthday Toots!!

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