Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday Tradition

We continued an early birthday tradition with friends and family members tonight. We met up for supper and then on to fun times at Chuck E Cheese. 
The girls were all smiles with Jessica there.
 Yeah! This year Mylea didn't get scared and jump in Josh's lap. That's a big
 improvement from last year.
 Ms. Debbie and Uncle Bill made it for supper.
 Time for cake and games!

 Landry had as much fun as the big kids.
 Awww.....bonding time

 Mylea gave everyone one goal.....Win Lots Of Tickets!

 The Gordon Competition

 Time for presents

 Yummy.....Look at all of that icing!

 Time to cash in all 2400 tickets!

Grandad, Jo, Uncle Nigel, Uncle Bill, Ms Debbie, Uncle Bill, Aunt Darla,
 Jessica, Josh, and Jonathan...
Thanks for another fun year celebrating Mylea's birthday! And the presents are "awesome"!

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