Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Sleepover: Castle Rock

This year, Mylea decided to have a different type of birthday party. Instead of having a water slide, she wanted to take a few church friends to a water park. Since water parks close after Labor Day, we decided to find a water park hotel and turn the party in to a sleepover. So, Friday afternoon, we picked up friends from school and headed to Castle Rock in Branson. We arrived around 8pm, so the kiddos had a few hours to swim Friday evening and several hours on Saturday. 
Maddie and Mylea in the lazy river.
 Mylea, Hailie, and Robert floating the river....this was there favorite part of the water park.
 Landry checking out the park before getting in the water.
 The entire group

 Daddy and Landry having fun in the hotel.

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