Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Addition To The Family

Yesterday, when I picked up Mylea from Grandad and Jo's house, I was introduced to a new addition to our family. Mylea told me to close my eyes and come look on the table. When I got to open my eyes, I was introduced to Stitch the Turtle. Mylea said that her and Big Toot were headed to the gas station and they "saw a rock in the road. They thought it was a rock until Big Toot got out and the rock moved. So it wasn't really a rock, but a turtle!". It was the cutest thing to hear Mylea's version of how they found Stitch.

When we got home, Mylea just wanted to sit on the table and look at Stitch.
She finally got brave enough to touch the shell. This morning I walked in the kitchen and Mylea was carrying Stitch around.......upside down! We had to set up a few rules on when and how to hold Stitch.
Mylea just sits and talks to Stitch. She thinks his shell is funny looking.
Mylea and Stitch
Stitch's house

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