Friday, October 7, 2011

Disney Day 7 Last Night At Disney

After we rested up and clean up at the resort, we headed back to the bus to make one last trip to the Magic Kingdom. The park closed at 7:00 for the day. We had made arrangements to surprise Mylea and take her back to the park from 7:00pm-12:00am for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
This park party is a time to trick or treat throughout the park. You can also ride all the rides and watch a Halloween parade. The shows and parades were all about the villains. We used this time to meet characters that you do not see normally out in the park.
We meet Jane and Terek from Tarzan. Mylea had no clue who they were but made it clear that she wanted a picture with them.

Timon from Lion King was out and about in Adventure Land.
One neat thing about these special nights is that the Prince's are with the Princess'. This was our first time to meet the Princes. Mylea got to meet Cinderella and Prince Charming.
Snow White and The Prince. Mylea wants to know why his name is the Prince. She keeps telling me that The Prince is not his first name.

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel asked Mylea to thread Rapunzel's hair.

In Frontier Land, Woody was hosting a dance party with a surprise visitor!

Hanging out with Jessie and Woody again.

And the surprise visitor, Bullseye, was a hit!!!
Mylea was happy to finally meet Bullseye.
Also in Frontier Land were all the Seven Dwarfs. We have never seen all of the dwarfs together... not even in the parades!
Mylea had fun with Grumpy and Dopey.
All seven were there, I just couldn't get them all in my camera frame.
After Frontier Land, we found a spot to watch the Halloween parade. It was a parade based on the villains and was really dark. It was alright.....not my favorite. When the parade was over, we went on a mission in search of LotsoBear. We heard he was near the castle ..... but we missed him by a few minutes. He was the one character we really wanted to see during the Halloween Night. Mylea wasn't happy about him being gone! We walked over to Tomorrow Land to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride (which was finally working again). After the ride, Mylea noticed a dance party going on so we headed over to see who all we could find.

After the party, it was time to head back to the resort. The park was closing for the night and we were headed home the next morning. Before heading to the airport, Mylea let her Mickey balloon go to Leightyn.

We had a great time at Disney. We made many new memories and thought about past memories. It was fun to have a trip for Mylea before the new baby arrives. Mylea is already asking when we get to go back. I have told her that it will be two years. She thinks we should go as soon as the baby comes because "she has lots to show the baby and many characters the baby needs to meet". It's gonna be a long two years for Mylea Jo!!!!

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