Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Disney Day 5

Thursday morning we had breakfast scheduled at The Crystal Palace inside The Magic Kingdom. Mylea was excited to see Pooh and Piglet through the window.
Tigger came bouncing over to our table but My wasn't sure about him.
Pooh came to visit us and Mylea wanted to know where his pot of honey was.

We celebrated Mylea's birthday......again. Mylea began to remind us that everyday was her birthday! When you book a Disney vacation, they want to know if you are celebrating anything, so.....I guess you do celebrate every day at Disney!
As we were fixing to head out, Mylea wanted to see Piglet again. They had a good time giving fist pounds and high fives. Mylea thought it was really funny when Piglet would give her a fist pound and then blow it up.
Love this picture!
When we stepped out of the restaurant, the daily castle party was going on so we headed over to watch it.

After the show, we headed out on a mission to find Pinocchio. Mylea had been wanted to find him since we arrived on day 1. Meeting Pinocchio with Leightyn a few years ago is a memory that Mylea talks about weekly.
Close to Pinocchio was Daisy Duck. Mylea couldn't wait to take a picture with Daisy "all by myself".
We found a great spot to watch the "Celebrate It" street parade and dance party.

While heading to Fantasy Land with Jo, Mylea spotted the White Rabbit and had to take a picture.
By mid-afternoon, we were all hot and tired. It was a great time to have a seat, grab a bite to eat, and watch the "Celebrate Dreams Come True" parade.

After the parade, we headed back to the resort to cool off and clean up before our dinner at the Yacht Club Steakhouse. This place was awesome! A must do again on our next visit! Mylea had a fun time showing off her steak, potatoes, and carrots!
For dessert, Mylea had a brownie with a white chocolate puzzle. Once she put the pieces together, she had to use her paintbrush to add cherry sauce, blueberries, and chocolate sauce. Oh, and of course.....they brought out a cake for us to celebrate My's birthday!!!!

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