Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meeting Baby Wagner

Last Sunday afternoon church we headed to Conway with the anticipation of meeting Baby Wagner. Mylea was so excited the entire trip and couldn't wait to hold Wendy's new baby.
At the hospital, Mylea had fun playing with her cousins until the big moment. There were a set of newborn twins in the nursery window. Mylea couldn't get enough of them. She would get any adult that she could to take her over to the window and hold her up to see the sweet babies.
Baby Wagner finally made his debut and Mylea was on cloud nine! She couldn't wait to get back to Wendy's room for her chance to hold the baby.

Finally it was Mylea's time! She wanted to know why Wendy hadn't given Wagner a bath and why he was still naked! We had to assure her over and over that Wendy would get some clothes on him later. In fact, she asked Wendy to send her a picture of Wagner dressed ....just for her piece of mind!

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