Sunday, October 9, 2011

Disney Day 7 Last Day At Disney

Friday was our last day at this magical place. We weren't ready to go home yet! We used Friday to ride favorite rides, watch our favorite shows again, and meet more characters. Mylea had a list of things and people she wanted to see again before we headed home.
We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom. When we arrived at the park, Mary Poppins was near the Town Square. Mylea had been wanting to see Mary Poppins since we arrived. We finally found her! Mary Poppins was the only person, other than all the Princess', that Mylea would take a picture with on our last trip. Mylea ran up to Mary and was so excited to talk to her. We were the only ones in line so Mylea got to spend about 5-10 minutes with her. They talked about the seven dwarfs, dress-up clothes, Mylea's hair thread, and what she wanted to do at the park that morning. It was fun getting to spend more than a couple of minutes with a character.
We walked over to Tomorrow Land hoping to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride, but it wasn't working that moment (or the rest of the day). While in Tomorrow Land, Mylea spotted Stitch and just had to go meet him.
Across the walkway, we saw Chip and Dale. Mylea got to dance with Chip while Dale signed her autograph book.

The parks have beautiful landscaping throughout.
After covering ground in Tomorrow Land, we headed across the park to Frontier Land in search of Jessie from Toy Story. While we arrived, Jessie was by herself. Within a few minutes of Mylea getting to meet Jessie, Woody showed up! Yeah!!! Two for the wait of one!
After Frontier Land, we walked across the bridge to Adventure Land. We were wanting to ride Pirates of the Caribbean one last time. Mylea wasn't at all happy about getting on this dark water ride.
We made it on the ride and survived the quick drop in the dark. After the dark drop, Mylea loved it.
Hanging outside of the Pirates was Pirate Goofy. Mylea couldn't wait to take a picture with him.
Time for a Mickey Mouse ice cream break.
While in Adventure Land, we got the chance to meet Jasmine and Aladdin.
Daddy and My rode Aladdin's Magic Carpet.
Time for the afternoon dance party. Mylea was able to dance with Jessie during the middle of the parade.

We headed back to Tomorrow Land to see if the Buzz Lightyear ride was up and running yet. It wasn't so we took a walking break and rode the People Mover through Tomorrow Land.
Next we were off to Fantasy Land to ride more rides before the day was over. Our first stop was the Winnie The Pooh ride. This is a neat ride because they have play areas through out the line. It makes for a fast moving line and the kids can stay entertained.

After Fantasy Land, we headed back to the castle to catch the 3:00 parade. Mylea found her a front row seat and enjoyed seeing the characters one last time.

After the parade, we were all HOT and tired. We headed back to the resort to cool off and clean off before our last planned surprise that evening. While waiting for our bus, Mylea checked her map to map sure we covered everything at Disney.

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