Friday, August 7, 2009

Ready to Go! Leightyn helped Landen drive through the safari.

The safari has many emu. These birds want any and all the food you have. When they see food, they all flock your car poking their heads in every window and do not leave until they have food. We had to quickly roll the windows up and down to avoid these pecking machines. The following picture is an emu that ran beside our car waiting on us to throw food out.

Laney, Ashley, and Mylea looking out for animals.

When we came to the creek, there were many deer resting in the water. We saw Bambi (according to Logan and Leightyn) and its momma.

Another emu friend waiting on food. We got a lot of laughs from these birds.

Logan and Leightyn getting peanuts from Chad.

Mylea got hungry during the safari. She ate everything I brought...bread, peanuts, and carrots.

This was the neatest part of the safari. The safari has lots of monkeys. The monkeys use to run wild, swing from the trees, and come sit on your car for peanuts. The safari owners, in the last ten or so years, have had to put the monkeys in cages because people were being mean, teasing, and hurting the monkeys.
However, as we were driving through, we spotted a monkey hiding behind a tree. We threw out some peanuts for him. He ended up coming to the car and sitting on the driver's side mirror for more peanuts. A few minutes later, another monkey came out from the trees, hopped on our car, sat on the roof, eating peanuts through the sun roof. The kids (and adults) thought it was the neatest thing. When we got ready to drive on, the monkey on the mirror, took a carrot for later. The monkey on the roof, stay for a bit before jumping off while we were driving.

The zebras were beautiful. Leightyn and Logan were excited to see an animal from the movie Madagascar. The zebras came right to our window for carrots. At one point, we had zebras at all windows wanting some carrots.

We saw many different types and colors of buffalo. This brown buffalo enjoyed some of our carrots. He was HUGE!!!!

This camel family was a bit lazy at first. However, as soon as we showed them we had carrots... we became their friends. Some of the camels stuck their head right in the windows looking for food. The other camels came in through the sunroof.

This monkey would crack peanuts open as fast as we could throw them.

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