Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Girl(s) Day

What a busy day we have had. Macy is gone for the week, so my mom and I took the girls on an all day fun day. We told Leightyn that she could plan the entire day (and plan she did). The original plan was the start at the library for storytime. When it came time to get to the library, Leightyn decided to change her plans. We ended up at the mall play place. When Cookie Co. opened (at 10:00) we were in line waiting on cookies and a coke icee.

When we finished at the mall, Leightyn decided that Toys R Us would be our next stop. We walked around the store and played with many of the toys (yes I am one of those moms that lets their kids play with the toys....that's what they are there for). Leightyn and Mylea had a ball in Toys R Us. Leightyn rode the tricycle all over the store. We knew she was always near us because we would constantly hear the bikes bell. Mylea took her time trying out the scooters and cars. The funniest thing was watching Leightyn try to ride the tricycle over the bike ramp.

Next, it was lunchtime. We met daddy and Uncle Nigel at Red Lobster. Leightyn wanted to see the lobsters swim in their tank. Lunch was delicious. The girls enjoyed tomatos, calamari. biscuits, french fries, clam strips, and cherry slushes. At one point, Mylea was pretending her biscuit was a telephone. Leightyn played many games of tic tac toe with Uncle Nigel and Jo. Towards the end, Mylea got sleepy so she headed home with daddy.

After lunch, we went to Petco to see the animals. Leightyn loves the birds, ferrets, and mice. She walked many circles around the store looking at the animals over and over.

After Petco, Leightyn wanted to go to the polish store to get her finger nails painted. She chose a blue polish with white zebra stripes and glitter on top. I loved was a great color and design.

Our next destination was Chuck E Cheese. We played games for about an hour. Leightyn loves to play skeet ball and ride the video games that movie. We collected around 220 tickets and only used enough to get her a sucker. She wanted to save the rest until our next visit. This part of the day was fun. We all played games (without chasing the little ones around).
After the Chuck E Cheese, we headed back to the mall and then off to Chick Fil A for some ice cream and to play. Leightyn was really sleepy at this point, but she refused to stop. She enjoyed her ice cream and all of the attention.

It was a great and very busy day. Guess that's what we get for letting a 4 year old plan the entire day. Thanks Jo for all the fun. Leightyn had a ball (and is sound asleep). I had fun getting to spend the day with both of my girls and for getting spend extra special time with Leightyn. Seeing that she starts school in a year, I better enjoy more days like today.

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Ashley said...

It looks like the girls had fun. Definitely a 4 year old's perfect day.