Thursday, August 13, 2009


Landen and I have been teaching the Wednesday night LIFE program at church. Throughout the summer, we have been talking about Living In Faith Everyday. Leightyn has been loving this program. During LIFE, we play games, do a group devotion, and then break into small groups for prayer time. Several times this summer, we have had messy game night. This past week, we played extremely messy games.

The first game was "Mellow Drop". Teams had to lie on the ground while other team members dipped a marshmellow in chocolate or strawberry sauce. Once dipped, they had to run to the team members on the ground and try to drop the marshmellow in their mouth. As you can guess, there were not many marshmellows that made it in the mouths, but there were many kids with sauce decorated faces. Here is a picture of Leightyn waiting to catch a marshmellow.
Next, we played "Stick It To It". The kids had to chose either ranch, ketchup, BBQ sauce, or mustard. Once chosen, the kids had to cover their face with their sauce choice. Each team had to throw marshmellows and get them to stick to each others faces. This game turned in to a huge marshmellow fight.
Before sending the kids to play in the sprinkler, we made a human sundae. The teams had to cover their teammates in shaving cream, chocolate sauce, ranch. ketchup, mustard, and then coconut sprinklers. This was Leightyn's favorite game. She loved it.

It was a great messy night. Every one had a blast, but they sure did stink when the games were over!

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