Friday, August 7, 2009

Gentry Safari Petting Zoo

We had a special outing Thursday. Landen, Leightyn, Mylea, Macy, and I went to the Gentry Safari and petting zoo. We invited Chad, Ashley, Logan, and Loaney to go with us. The girls and I have been before, but for every one else, this was a first. We left our house at 9:00 and had lunch in Siloam Springs around 10:45. The kiddos were super excited to see each other and to be going to the zoo. After we finished lunch, we headed to Gentry. We took over an hour and a half to go through the petting zoo before driving through the safari. After we spent a couple of hours in the safari, we went back to the petting zoo before heading home. Everyone had a blast. I am not sure if the kids or the adults had a better time.

Here are just some of the pictures from the petting zoo. Enjoy!

Laney, Leightyn, Logan, Mylea, and Macy

There were several mama kangaroos. The kids got a kick out the the little joeys. It was really neat to be that close to a kangaroo.

The prairie dogs ran wild. Laney thought it was funny watching one hide in its hole and come out another hole.

When you walk in the goat pen with bread, it becomes attack of the goats. Mylea wasn't to happy about them getting her bread.

This is Khloe. We LOVE Khloe. Last time the girls and I were here, Khloe was a baby who lived with Kiwi. Kiwi is now grown and lives in a different area of the zoo. Khloe now lives with two other babies, Max and Emma. Leightyn talks about Kiwi and Khloe all the time. While at the petting zoo, Khloe got to come out and play with us. She is an active little thing. She is constantly playing with her toys, holding your hand, jumping from person to person, and climbing up her leash.
Leightyn became fond of this baby opossum. We couldn't get her to leave it alone. It is her new favorite animal.
Logan, Chad, and Macy looking at the birds on the way to see some more animals.
Logan and Laney playing with the baby pigs. Notice Mylea in the background....she was not going in to see the pigs.
Miniature horses

Watching the monkeys swing all over the place.
The zoo offers pony and camel rides. Logan, Leightyn, and Mylea all wanted to ride the ponies. Of course, when the ride was over, they then wanted to ride the camel. Maybe next time.

Can you tell who needs a nap?

I love this picture. Leightyn and Logan are two peas in a pod when they are together. It was funny watching them throughout the day. At one point, they were best friends and then a few minutes later they were mad at each other because they both liked the same animals.

Laney, Leightyn, and Logan got to pet this baby lion. Leightyn and Logan names him "Simba".
This is Khloe again. When back in her cage, she would grab my camera and try to pull it away from me when I would take a picture.
The favorite animal...the baby opossum. YUCK!
And yes.....the zoo had a snake. At first, Leightyn walked right past it wanting nothing to do with it. The second time through the zoo, she decided to pet it, and within a few seconds, she was wearing him.

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Ashley said...

This was such a fun day. Thanks for inviting us to go with you. We all had a great time!