Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Girl(s) Day Part 2: Fresh Veggies and Hungry Girls

Our big girl(s) day continued after we finished at the library. After storytime, we went downtown to the Farmer's Market. We got some yummy tomoatos, watermelon, okra, squash, and zuchunni. The girls had fun going stand to stand looking at the veggies.

Leightyn made a friend while at the Farmer's Market. This dog, Boots, was at one of the stands. She had fun playing with him while we got our veggies bagged up.

When we finished picking out veggies, we headed to get some lunch. Nigel and Landen met us at The Hamburgar Barn. The girls ate a few bites (like normal) before deciding it was time to head on to more fun things.

Mylea finishing up her ranch dressing.

Leightyn was in a silly silly mood.

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