Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Craft Day At The Library

Every Tuesday and Thurday we go to story time at the library. This summer, the program had an ocean theme. All the books, stories, poems, and songs had some thing to do with the ocean.

Today, the library hosted an all day craft day to celebrate the end of the summer program. Leightyn was so excited about doing crafts for two reasons. #1 She loves to paint and she heard Ms. Robyn and Ms. Judy say something about painting during craft day, and #2 She loves to make crafts. During the school year, the kids get to make crafts on Thursday at the library.

All of the girls made a sea turtle and a sea horse. Leightyn and Mylea made a sand bucket. Macy made a rainbow fish. Leightyn did some ocean scene painting. There were lots of things to make and activities to do. Mylea was ready for a nap half way through the crafts, so she laid on the floor throwing a fit while eating the glue stick (it's non-toxic and it's not like she's the first person to eat glue). Leightyn was upset that we left before she got a chance to dig in the sand for shells.

The girls had fun. Next year, we will have to do this again....except we will have naps first!

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