Sunday, December 18, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Day 9

Friday night we drove up to West Fork to see Ms. Jassa crowned "Color's Day" (aka Homecoming) Queen. Mylea couldn't wait to see Ms. Jassa in her princess dress. Mylea wanted to wear her own princess dress-up clothes to the game, but I convinced her that it would be way to cold.
When we arrived at the gym, Ms. Sherry (Jassa's grandmother) took Mylea to the girls locker room so Mylea could get a peek at all the princess dresses. A few minutes later, Ms. Sherry returned and said that Mylea wanted to stay with all the princess'. A few minutes before the ceremony began, Mylea and Ms. Kelly (Jassa's mom) returned to their seats. Mylea made sure to point out where Landen and I were sitting but then continued to walk right passed up and to Ms. Kelly's seat.
Mylea enjoyed the attention from Ms. Kelly!!!

Ms. Jassa being escorted and crowned by her brother, Josh.

Mylea and Landry checking out all the pretty dresses.
Someone was determined to get her picture with the queen!
Congratulations Ms. Jassa! You looked beautiful! Mylea now wants a dress just like yours!

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