Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baking a Birthday Cake For Jesus

Saturday evening we spent a few minutes making a birthday cake for Jesus.
Mylea has gotten in to the whole baking thing and wanted to do it without any help.

After mixing all of the ingredients, Mylea did a quick quality control check.
When the cake had finally cooled, My couldn't wait to decorate it. She wanted the cake to say "Happy Birthday Jesus. Welcome Home For Christmas". I asked her how to spell all of that and her response was "BJGDK".
Mylea picked out some present and ornament shaped sugar candies to put on top of the cake.
A warning to all who eat this cake tomorrow.....I guess Mylea thought the sugar candies were like stamps. She licked the back of every one of them before placing them in the icing. I guess licking them helped the candy stick to the cake??????
Happy Birthday Jesus!!!!

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