Monday, December 5, 2011

countdown to Christmas Day 20

Today Mylea had to wake up early from her nap to find out what our Christmas activity would be....
a family favorite!!!
Dressed and ready to go.....still TIRED!!
After meeting daddy after work, we were ready to head to Creekmore Park.
While I waited in line, Mylea and daddy went to get some hot chocolate and popcorn. Mylea came back telling me that Santa was here sitting in his warm house. I asked if she wanted to go visit Santa. Mylea quickly responded "no".
Waiting in a cold long line.
After waiting in line for a long time, Mylea and daddy headed to play for a few minutes.

Finally it was time to ride the train!!!

After the train ride, Mylea wanted to show me Santa's warm house.
This was as close as she wanted to get to Santa.
Santa told Mylea to come on inside and get a candy cane. I was really surprised when she walked on in!
Next thing I knew, she was climbing in his lap! This was a first!!!! Mylea has never wanted to be within ten feet of Santa.
She was so excited that he knew her name, that she wanted some Barbie dolls, and that she had been a good girl!
This "first" made standing in the freezing cold long line worth every minute!!

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