Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Day To Go To The Park.......Or So I Thought

This morning we decided to skip storytime (we were late anyways) and head to the park instead. Leightyn and Mylea love going to the Dinosaur (Carol Ann Cross) Park. When we got to the park we were the only ones there. That was great....Leightyn could play where she wanted and I could still keep tabs on Mylea and Macy.

Mylea loves the twisty slides.

Leightyn showing Mylea how to walk across the snake.

This is how we swing together when there is only one swing open. The girls love it.

Mylea walking across the "shaky" bridge. She likes to sit on it while kids run across it.

While getting off the "shaky" bridge and getting on the steps to go to the twisty slide, Mylea went teeth first into the step. Here is a picture of her cleaned up.....I guess we should have gone on to storytime instead....

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