Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick Update

I'm back in the blogging world. I haven't wrote much lately because nothing big has been going on. So, I guess I will do a quick update on all of the little things going on.

Leightyn and Mylea are doing great. They still love playing dress up. Leightyn is teaching Mylea to play hide and go seek, but Mylea doesn't understand the hiding part. She likes to walk around looking for other people.

Landen signed Lei up for T-ball. She is excited about getting to use a real bat and not her plastic play bat. She told Daddy that she wanted pink shoes and a pink glove. Daddy's reply was "I'm not so sure about all of that". Leightyn will get to be on the same team as Logan (her "friend" from church). Landen and Chad (Logan's dad) are going to help coach.

I have been taking the girls to a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group once a week. The girls go to their own class to hear a Bible story, make a craft, and then play in Eastside's new play place. While they are in class, I get to go to my mom's group. It is great getting to have two hours of adult conversation. We have done a kick boxing session, a Bible Study, scrapbook craft session, and just plain adult conversation in the last three weeks. We will continue to go to MOPS as long as the kids are not in school.

We are staying very busy during the week:
Tuesday- gymnastics and then we have a lunch picnic at Grandma Nancy's
Wednesday- MOPS in the morning and then AWANAs at night
Thursday- library storytime
Friday- Fun Friday....Leightyn gets to pick the activity

Leightyn has started her own chore chart. She has several chores to complete every day: making her bed, brushing her teeth, picking up toys, putting up dishes, setting the table, help mommy clean....etc. At the end of the week, she gets 5 cents for ever chore completed. She has to put 10% of her earning in a envelope for church, 20% in her piggy bank to save, and then the other 70% goes in her shopping tub for whatever she wants. Right now, she loves doing her chores... hopefully this will last.

We took some pictures last night.....enjoy

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