Monday, June 3, 2013

Welcome to Illinois

We made it to Illinois around 5pm Friday evening. After checking in our hotel and changing clothes, we headed a few towns over to see Travis and his family. We were there for the weekend to help Travis at his annual golf tournament "Driving For The Upside of Downs". This tournament has grown every year. This year, Travis was hoping to raise over $80, 000 for Down Syndrome Awareness. 
 Kylie and Mylea
 Dusty, Travis, Landen, and Mike
College Buddies

 More of the college buddies and coaches
 Before heading back to the hotel, we decided to splurge on some desserts at Ruby Tuesday. We ended up ordering chocolate cake, blondie brownies, cheesecake, and cupcakes....I told you we splurged. Well, it wasn't but about a minute after our desserts came out when we heard the tornado sirens go off. Unlike in Arkansas, people started acting very concerned. Groups just got up and left. The restaurant cleared out very quickly. We ended up leaving and going back to the hotel to ride out the storms and possible tornado.
At the hotel, we hung out in the laundry room for about 20 minutes. It was a long 20 minutes! The tales of tornado's and the small time rumor mill about the close tornado did not help Mylea feel safe. Finally, she calmed down enough to play on the iPad a few minutes. 

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