Monday, June 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Rylee!!

Thursday evening we celebrated sweet Rylee's 5th birthday. Mylea and Rylee were in the same preschool class this year and have been the best of buds all year. They are such good friends that Mylea refers to Rylee as "My Sister Rylee". It was a fun party with My and all her school friends. The party turned in to a dance party when Chuck E Cheese came out. It was funny watching them all dance around like they had some great moves.  
Ms. Ashley
Rylee's Mom and Mylea's Teacher This Year
 Piper, Mylea, and Rylee
 Hollering for the other kids to come dance
 Dance Time
 The real Chuck E Cheese joined in on the party.

 Mylea's preschool class
Happy Birthday Sweet Rylee!

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