Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friends All Day

Thursday was our craziest day this week. We left our house around 8:30 and went to pick up Ryan and Maddie. Once my car was full (and it was full!), we met up with Ms. Brenda, Halie, and Robert at the movies for another summer kids movie. Playing Thursday was Despicable Me. The kids enjoyed sitting on the very top row while "the adults" sat in the middle. Once again, Landry lasted maybe half of the movie and then went to play in the lobby.

After Despicable Me, all the kids came over to play for the rest of the day. 
After lunch we pulled out the slip and slide. Landen even made it home for some lunchtime entertainment.
Next on the agenda was swimming at the neighbors. After naps for the little ones we headed to the ball fields to watch Landen and several church members play at 8 and 9. I love this group shot of the gang. The bottom row is all smiles while Mylea is clearly caught up in the game. Not sure what she was talking about. 
During the second game, the kids went to play in a huge dirt pile. I sent them to clean up before we left the ball fields and somehow Mylea lost one shoe in a huge mud pit. I go to check on them and find Robert's hand stuck in the mud up to his shoulder and no shoe to be found.

We finally got the all dropped off and back to our house a little before midnight!!

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