Sunday, July 1, 2012

Prentend City Museum

Thursday morning everyone split up and went different directions. Some hung out at the beach, some went whale watching, and we headed to the city of Irvine to check out the kids museum. This place was AWESOME! It is all hands on, dress-up, and pretend play. Mylea LOVED it!

 Picking the veggies in the garden.
 Taking emergency calls

 Fixing daddy some sushi for lunch
 Playing in the water room

 Time to deliver and sort the mail
 Even Landry had fun

 Checking out the grocery store
 Taking care of daddy
 Laughing at daddy and sissy

 All better now

 Got to keep those teeth clean

 Here come the firefighters

 Putting on a show

 Working in the bakery

 Craft time

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