Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camp Cousins Day 1

What a great first day!!

Everyone got up and around in time for Sunday School! After church we joined my mom for lunch. I must brag on the kiddos....what a great group! I don't know how many "please and thank you" we heard while eating (actually since yesterday). Brayson said the sweetest prayer thanking God 
for the food. 

After we got our tummies full, we made a stop by Atwoods for some deer supplies. We had a cart full before we even got to the corn and mineral blocks. 

We looked at the cute little bunnies. Brayson and Mylea wanted to bring one home. Brannon quickly replied "it wouldn't survive". Once we checked everything off our list, we had a quick race to the check-out lanes. Landry and I took a few shortcuts and beat the big kids. 
Landen loaded everything and then he had to load the silly monkeys. They all thought that they could hold on tight to the cart and Landen wouldn't be able to pick them up.

One monkey loaded...
Here comes another monkey
Trying to escape from their cages
And the final monkey...
 Back home, it was time to go swimming.

 After church tonight, the kiddos helped Landen load up the tractor and off they went to take
 care of the deer. 
 Landry just watched them.....wanting to help so badly. Oh....she also got her first tooth yesterday!!

 Brayson was determined to carry the mineral block....big bro Brannon stepped up to help him.

 Getting everything in place.
 Great Job Guys!!

 Now to fill the bird feeders.
 Work was finished and now it's time for some fun!

 Smokey taking Brannon for a ride.

What a day! 
Mylea has already told me that she is going to be sad when the week is over.

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