Thursday, July 19, 2012

Camp Cousins Day 3

Tuesday was Day 3 of the cousins being together. I think each day just gets better and better. I have heard many many "thank you's for letting us come stay for the week". Many giggles and silly screams have filled our house this week. I will be sad when Friday night comes and everyone goes home. Mylea came up to me Tuesday and asked if we could call Wendy and LaLa and see if the cousins could stay longer. She doesn't want to see them go. 

Tuesday morning we headed to Malco Theaters to catch the summer movie program. "How To Train Your Dragon" was showing. The big kids loved it and the little ones thought it was tooo long. 
After the movie, we walked next door to Chuck E Cheese to spend some tokens and win some tickets. Each kid got 22 tokens and went off on their own way.
It was neat to watch them quickly buddy up with a cousin and play a game. None of the kids got to far from each other. The bonds they have formed were evident at Chuck E Cheese. 

 After winning some "awesome" prizes at CEC, we met Landen for lunch at McDonalds. I'm not sure who had more fun...the big kids or the little ones. We stayed for about an hour and an half. Other than eating, they spent the entire time playing hide and go seek. After Landen got them ice cream or chocolate dipped ice cream (Landen was scoring points for being the cool adult), we headed 
back to the house. 

A game of cops and robbers quickly began. I'm not sure how they play it, but this game has entertained them for many hours. The robbers always end up in jail (Mylea's hidden clubhouse). I feel sorry for them with no air in their jail.
Mylea headed off to swimming lessons and we loaded up to head to VBS. The boys play kick ball in the gym while I get my lesson together. During VBS, we have a penny drive contest between the boys and the girls. Each night we weigh the pennies brought to determine the winner. All the money goes to the Emergency Children's Shelter. The girls won Monday night (11 pounds of pennies to the boys 9 pounds). Well, Tuesday night, the girls brought 32 pounds of pennies and the boys brought a whopping  63 pounds of pennies!! Yes, I said 63 pounds! One boy brought 28 pounds by himself!!

After VBS, the kiddos chose to come back and hang out at the house. Games were played, cops and robbers were on the loose, and smiles were everywhere!

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