Friday, January 1, 2010

Santa Gifts

After celebrating Jesus' birthday, the girls were ready to see what Santa had left for them. Mylea really wanted a baby doll and Leightyn had been asking for Gator Golf (for months). The girls took turns opening their gifts and were happy with all of their surprises.

When the presents were all opened, Leightyn was really upset that Santa did not bring her Gator Golf. That "was all she asked for and she told Santa that she really wanted it". We had the girls look at the two extra presents sitting by the tv. Leightyn started getting excited again. We explained that these gifts were extra special gifts from Santa. Santa was so happy that the girls had given away toys several times throughout the year. Santa wanted to do something special for the girls since they gave toys to kids who didn't have any.

YEAH........GATOR GOLF!!!!!!!!

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