Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Weather Fun Day

After being inside for several days, it was time to get the girls OUT OF THE HOUSE!! We headed to Chuck E Cheese's to use some tokens the girls got for Christmas. There are two good reasons to go one is there yet AND the machines spit out free tickets when they are first turned on. We collected 68 free tickets. The girls had fun riding rides, playing games, and finding free tickets. Mylea put a token in one of the games and it began to spit out tickets nonstop. We collected over 600 tickets from this one machine. (It was still spitting out tickets but we let another little girl stand at the machine and collect the remaining tickets). When it came time to cash our tickets in (we had over 1700 that we have been saving up for a swimming pool or a princess castle), Leightyn decided to get a bag of cotton candy and Mylea wanted a tootsie roll and a sucker.

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