Monday, January 18, 2010

Girls Night In

Tonight we had Ava Grace over for a girls playdate. Ava Grace is going to become a big sister this coming Thursday (I can't wait to hold little Edy Rose) so we let her mommy and daddy have one last meal on their own. Leightyn and Mylea were excited all day about playing with Ava Grace.

The girls had so much fun with each other!!!! They played ring around the rosey and danced all over the place.

The girls played dress up.
They dressed the princess' for the royal ball.
Had supper (and ice cream with sprinkles).
Raced around the house.
We had so much fun with Ava Grace. We can't wait to have her back again soon. The girls hope to play with her more (and give her parents a break) in the upcoming weeks.

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Leslie said...

Thank you guys so much. We are very appreciative. It looks like they had a blast!