Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Valentines was a busy weekend for us. 
Friday was party day. We partied all day long. We had 2 homeschool group parties, 
a lunch date, and a church fun night. 
The Praise group hosted their Valentines Party at the Monkey House. The girls had plenty of sweets and then burned them off while climbing around for a couple of hours. We delivered Valentines and got many placed in our boxes. The little ones were excited about the candy that came attached to the cards. 
After Monkey House, we headed to Chilck Fil A for a lunch date. 
Next we went to the Believers group party at Crystal Palace. We passed out Valentines and came home with boxes full of candy and valentines to open later. 
Mylea and her friends had a ball dressing up for the photo booth. 
We ended the night at church helping with a Parents Night Out. We had a good turnout and the kids seemed to have fun.
The fun day was over and everyone agreed it was bedtime when we got home.

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