Tuesday, February 17, 2015


A few weeks back we headed up the hill to watch the Razorbacks play. Before we left, Landen had a men's breakfast at church so I took all the kiddos to the donut store for breakfast.

We decided to take Mylea with us for a big girl day. Landen's parents went with us and we met the rest of the crew in NWA. We met up with Wewe and Bonnie in Rudy and headed to AQ chicken for some lunch. We met Wendy and Brian at AQ. Wewe somehow thought we were eating in Springdale so they had to backtrack back to the right restaurant.

We made it to the game and found our seats. The game was supposibly sold out but we found several sections up top that were empty so we moved locations.
The game was fun and we won. Wendy's oldest son was the ball boy so it was fun watching him sweep the floors.

After the game we made a stop at none other than Rick's Bakery before heading back to the fort.

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